The cure for the common spreadsheet

We make spreadsheets obsolete

Milo enables organizations to move faster, make better decisions and execute with greater confidence thanks to unique technology that enables unparalleled transparancy, traceability, and reproducibility.

What We Do

We are developing a new kind of quantitative modeling software designed to empower users by allowing them to model and analyze systems of arbitrary complexity.

Milo makes transparency, traceability and reproducibility first class features so that our users can trust their numbers and thereby innovate, collaborate and execute more effectively.

The Team

Milo was founded by a team of software professionals with a history of working in industries that suffered from the limitations of spreadsheets in complex and high-integrity analysis.

We believe the time has come to innovate on spreadsheets, the world's most popular programming language, and replace them with something better suited for the complexity of today's problems..

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